Mission & Philosophy
Beaverbrook STEP, Inc. is a private, non- profit, Massachusetts diversity-certified W/NPO   organization that provides a comprehensive array of progressive, community based residential, day, employment, advocacy and support services to adults with intellectual, developmental and related disabilities in Eastern Massachusetts. Using a person centered planning service approach, STEP’s mission focuses on empowering individuals to make their own choices and decisions about their lives in order to achieve full community inclusion. Throughout their lives, STEP helps individuals with disabilities realize their dreams and live meaningful lives as productive and active community members.  We currently provide services to nearly 300 individuals, ages 18 to 85+ years and their family members.

Beaverbrook STEP’s Mission continues in the 21st Century with a stalwart and steadfast renewal of our commitment to:
    - providing institution-free services that are self-determined/people-first;
    - insuring ADA and Olmstead compliance;
    - assuring the human and civil rights of our citizens with disabilities;
    - improving and expanding quality, coordinated community-based services; and
    - effectively managing costs.

To guide us in achieving our mission, Beaverbrook STEP is committed to the following guiding principles:
1. All individuals are capable of learning and growth.      
2. A “person centered planning approach” assures that the individual receiving supports is always the focus of services. 
3.  Life is a dynamic force, constantly changing and evolving.  STEP serves as a catalyst to support growth, change and self-actualization for each person, reflecting personal visions and self-determined goals.
4. Human Rights, Dignity and Respect are universal and central values that are core elements of all STEP programs, relationships, services and events.
5. Addressing the social, psychological and community impact of serving our vulnerable population is evident in all STEP activities, furthering inclusion, meaningful relationships, self-determination, choice and empowerment.
A strong advocate for people with disabilities, Beaverbrook STEP has grown and developed over the years, forging new, creative pathways for people with disabilities to engage, participate in and become one with their community. Our journey continues forward as Beaverbrook STEP embraces new, people-first policy initiatives including Real Lives, Community Rule, Employment First and System Change as part of a multi-year transition plan designed to improve Self-Determination, Social Inclusion and Community Engagement for people with disabilities. 
In order to realize our mission and maintain the highest quality of services for all individuals served, Beaverbrook STEP, Inc. is also committed to maintaining an organization that is productive, effective and financially sound. Therefore, we strive to meet the highest administrative, human resource and fiscal standards, including our commitment to:

     • Locate and utilize all available financial resources necessary to ensure the long-term viability of Beaverbrook STEP, enabling each person served to realize his/her full potential.
     • Continue our long and successful history of hiring qualified direct care, management and clinical staff, providing them with excellent training, fair wages, a positive work environment, and the opportunity for both personal and professional growth.
     • Find new and creative approaches to break down barriers to social inclusion and community engagement for adults with disabilities.
     • Assure the effectiveness, efficiency and efficacy of our services through our quality Strategic Planning and Evaluation process that reflects our shared commitment to and partnerships with self-advocates, family members, advocates, staff, volunteers, funding sources and community partners.
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