Specialized Focus Areas
Beaverbrook STEP supports adults with disabilities who have additional specialized service needs. STEP’s highly skilled, professional clinical team, direct support staff and managers all have extensive experience and expertise in their respective specialty areas.  New areas of specialized services are continuously developed, reflecting the changing needs of the individuals served.  Currently we provide specialized services in the following areas:

                   •  Turning 22 Transitions: School to Adult Services
                   •  Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Special Populations
                   •  University Affiliated ABA Support and Education Services
                   •  Corporate Guardianship and Conservator Services
                   •  Medical Services & Elder Supports
•  Turning 22 Transitions: School to Adult Services
Since the 1970’s, Beaverbrook STEP has worked with students with intellectual and developmental disabilities to plan smooth transitions from special education to adult services.  Our professional staff support the student and his/her family at every step in the process including assessment of needs, review of funding sources and government services, development of an individualized support plan, provision of specialized supports and oversight during the transition process. 
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STEP has specialized services designed for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who have significant mental health and behavioral support needs.  These individuals (who are often on the Autism Spectrum or have dual diagnoses) benefit from specialized supports designed to minimize behavioral challenges, while enhancing communication and basic life skill development.

Our team of clinicians, social workers, mental health counselors and Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) are proficient in developing highly structured and individualized interventions.  As a result of these interventions, intensive staff support, and role modeling, these men and women successfully participate as active members of their community.
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•  Autism Spectrum Disorder and Special Populations
A substantial percentage of STEP individuals are elderly and wish to “Age in Place.”  We also serve a growing population of adults with developmental disabilities who need specialized supports for medical conditions, Alzheimer’s disease and/or physical and mental health care needs.  Beaverbrook STEP provides comprehensive in-home, medical and day supports to enable these adults to remain as independent as possible while living in the community. Specialized services address their needs for additional staff supports and medical services, as well as interventions to address their accessibility/mobility needs and sensory deficits (hearing, vision, touch, taste and smell). 
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•  Medical Services & Elder Supports
•  University Affiliated ABA Support and Education Services
STEP’s ASD program is formally affiliated with the Center for Social Development and Education at the University of Massachusetts Boston.  As a continuing education provider for this UMass program, Beaverbrook STEP, in partnership with Melmark NE, sponsors unique, on-site educational training classes and supervision leading to BCBA certification for staff.
Beaverbrook STEP also places a great emphasis on teaching adults with behavioral issues how to communicate.  Our goal is to teach individuals verbal, sign or other alternative language and communication skills in order to provide a solid basis for learning social skills, developing meaningful relationships and participating in community life.  Individuals work one to one and in small groups with staff developing appropriate social skills, forming personal relationships and building self-confidence.
Beaverbrook STEP is a Commonwealth of Massachusetts certified Corporate Guardianship Provider.  This program, called The Guardianship/Conservatorship Program, is specifically designed and developed to meet the expanded need for legal guardians and conservators for elders and/or others, including those with disabilities in STEP’s service area. 

Guardianship, and its associated service entity, conservatorship, are legal processes, utilized when a person can no longer make or communicate safe or sound decisions about his/her person and/or property or has become susceptible to fraud or undue influence. 

Many elders with disabilities experience various levels of diminished capacity with regard to making critical life decisions because of declining health, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and/or serious medical or mental health conditions. The overall goal of Beaverbrook STEP’s Guardianship program is enhance the quality of life for persons served.

Under the supervision of its experienced legal team, Beaverbrook STEP recruits, trains and matches guardians and conservators to adults and seniors needing such assistance.  The Guardian or Conservator provides legal oversight to assist each person served with critical decision-making that assures health, welfare and safety, as well as, assistance with end of life planning, establishing a health care proxy and working with friends and family members.
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•  Corporate Guardianship and Conservator Services
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