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Community Living & Housing Supports

Beaverbrook STEP provides 235 individuals with Community Living & Housing Support services.  Our 32 group residences,  15 private apartments/condos and shared living homes offer a wide variety of housing support settings, including individualized supports (in-home supports), self-directed housing services, independent living, family support services, Agency with Choice (AWC) services, shared living and 24 hour supervised residences.

Our outstanding services are designed to support each person’s unique preferences, desires and needs for a home of their own using a wide range of part and full time supported living choices.   STEP is focused on the development of  residential service options and support services  designed to
Advance Real Lives and Build Inclusive Communities for the children, adolescents, adults and elders  served.  We also provide Family Support Services for individuals who prefer to live at home with their families. 
With guidance and assistance from Beaverbrook STEP staff and clinicians, each individual/family designs and develops their own personalized housing and support services.  STEP continuously explores new housing support models, particularly  self-directed service options.  Beaverbrook STEP has established a unique approach to planning community living and housing supports called “
Self-Advocates Building Homes Together,” a group of self-advocates creating their own shared living and supported living arrangements.

Beaverbrook STEP’s Community Living & Housing Supports include supports for individuals with disabilities who also have additional specialized needs.  Specialized services support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD); behavioral, mental health and complex medical needs; Alzheimer’s and other dementia diagnoses; and physical disabilities.                                                                                                                                                
Through our Agency with Choice program (AWC), STEP offers family support services to adult children who live at home with their families.  AWC Services are planned, delivered and jointly supervised by each individual family and Beaverbrook STEP.  Services include respite care, community activities, friendship supports, clinical services and behavior management.

We also support children with special needs who live at home with their families through our DESE/DDS program that is designed to prevent out of home special education placements.
In-Home Support Services are provided to adults who reside in their own apartments, homes and/or condos in the Greater Boston area.  Beaverbrook STEP has a large, skilled support staff team that provides a comprehensive range of support services.  Services range from a few hours per week up to 23 hours per day, depending on the needs and preferences of each individual.

Living in their own homes whether owned or rented, enables the men and women served to live  as independently as possible while experiencing the supports and assistance needed to maximize community membership and inclusion.  Support areas include assistance with housekeeping, budgeting, meal preparation, medical needs and social relationships, as well as, fostering community connections, friendships, self-advocacy, functional academics, employment and related activities.

Some adults served by Beaverbrook STEP also prefer living with a group of peers in a cooperative setting where they receive mentoring and support from housemates, staff and community members. STEP operates group supported living residences with part time support services for women and men with varying abilities and needs. They, along with their family members, determine the kinds of supports, as well as, the number of hours of service they receive.  Beaverbrook STEP is also able to support men and women who live with a shared living provider (roommate, family, caregiver).
Beaverbrook STEP provides support services to school-aged children with intensive needs and their families in the family’s home.  This service is funded jointly by MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and MA Department of Developmental Services (DDS).  Our professional staff provide in-home supports such as respite care, positive behavior management services, communication training (American Sign Language and assistive communication devices) and other supports designed to prevent unnecessary out-of-home residential school placements.
Beaverbrook STEP has over 32 homes located throughout Eastern Massachusetts, providing full time staff support to small groups of adults who choose to live together. Each home:

•  Provides a secure, safe and personalized living environment, with a private bedroom, a well-appointed kitchen, laundry area, entertainment/living room, baths and outdoor space.
•  Is located close to public transportation, community services and local businesses.  Barrier-free homes are available with full wheelchair access; homes are also furnished as necessary with durable medical equipment, as well as adaptive and assistive devices.
•  Has at least one vehicle for transportation to appointments, work and leisure activities.
•  Is managed by a Support Coordinator who supervises a 24 hour team of dedicated, well trained care providers, medical and clinical staff.

•  Supports a diverse population including individuals of all ages with specialized needs (elders, autistic, Alzheimer’s disease, behavioral and clinical needs, medical care).
Each person’s unique needs and wishes are developed into a comprehensive Individual Support Plan using a Person-Centered Planning process. Skill building, community membership, and increased independence are typical areas of focus.
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