Residential Services
Beaverbrook STEP, Inc. has been providing residential services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities for over 40 years.  We design each person’s services to suit their own needs and desires using several models of care, including 24 hour staffed residential homes, independent living with individual support services, group living with less than 24 hour supports and shared living. Individuals served and their family members consistently report 95 to 98% satisfaction with their residential services.
Individual Support Services are provided to over 30 people who reside in their own apartments in Watertown and surrounding communities. Staff support can range from a few hours per week up to 23 hours per day, depending on the needs and preferences of each individual.

Living in their own apartments enables these men and women to utilize skills they have mastered, while they receive support and assistance in areas such as community membership, relationship building, self-advocacy, functional academics, vocational adjustment and activities of daily living.
Although many young adults have the skills to live on their own with case management services, they often prefer living with a group of young people in a cooperative setting where they receive mentoring and support from peers, staff and shared living providers. STEP operates group residences with part time support services for young men and women with varying abilities and needs. They, along with their family members, determine the kinds of supports, as well as, the number of hours of service they receive.
Beaverbrook STEP provides support to several men and women who live with a shared living provider (roommate, family, caregiver). Shared living is a carefully arranged situation in which an individual shares a home with one or more non-disabled persons, enjoying the benefits and responsibilities of life-sharing with maximum self-determination, choice, and control.

The relationship between the shared living provider and individual is a mutually beneficial one in which each is seen as having unique gifts to offer the relationship and the household.  Shared living providers receive a stipend in exchange for providing the support needed for the individual to live successfully in the community.

Beaverbrook STEP staff provide support to the household in areas negotiated between all parties.  These services often include assistance with medical appointments, community membership and coordination of respite care.
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Beaverbrook STEP has 40 homes located throughout the Greater Boston area that provide full time staff support to small groups of adults who choose to live together. Each home:

•  Provides a secure and safe living environment, with a well appointed kitchen, laundry area, entertainment/living room, baths and outdoor space.  Each person has their own private, personally decorated bedroom.

•  Is located close to public transportation, community services and local businesses.  Barrier-free homes are available with full wheelchair access; homes are also furnished as necessary with durable medical equipment, as well as adaptive and assistive devices.

•  Has at least one agency vehicle for transportation to appointments, work and leisure activities.

•  Is managed by a Support Coordinator who supervises a 24 hour team of dedicated, well trained care providers and clinical staff.

•  Supports a diverse population including individuals of all ages with specialized needs  (elders, autistic, Alzheimer’s disease, behavioral and clinical needs, medical care).  Click here for more information on Specialized Focus Areas.

Each person’s unique needs and wishes are developed into a comprehensive Individual Support Plan using a Person-Centered Planning process. Skill building, community membership, and increased independence are typical areas of focus in our homes, which serve over 90 adults.
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